You may have one of those “School Years” books. Actually, if you are a parent, it’s a certainty – they come with the kids. It’s like homework….it’s momwork. And lots of moms keep up-to-date on their kid’s books. I’m just not one of those moms. At present, sheets of junior artwork and class photos are shoved into Years One and Two but that’s about it. I have all the stuff. I throw little of my child’s creations away, which plays havoc with my closet space. I keep telling myself that I will eventually make the time to organize it all. But for me, the problem is a combination of procrastination, my need to split my daily energies between work and family, and, as of right now, there are still only 24 darn hours in a day.

So, imagine my thrill when my daughter brought home a shiny new book titled “My School Years” and presented it to me with pride. She bought it at the school book sale and thought it would absolutely make my day. I ooh’d and aah’d, thanking her dramatically, and off she went, mission accomplished. Sometimes I benefit from my daughter’s occasional lack of follow-through and, whew, this was one of those times. The book sits on the shelf next to the first one and, to any visitor, I appear the model mom. If anyone decides to leaf through one, I’m cooked.

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