Two Days: Day One

This is a story of a trip I took that lasted two days. Two days, six airports, and almost eight miles of walking the length of them. Trust me, I have a Fitbit so I know these things.
While visiting my family back east, my uncle in the Midwest passed away. I decided to extend my stay and reconfigure my flights to attend his service. Little did I expect such a blog worthy tale.

An important note: I loved my uncle, who was also my godfather and my biggest cheerleader. We talked more often over the last few years, and he would start his voicemails “This is the president of your fan club.” There was no doubt I would take this detour for him and his family, and you’ll find no grumbling here.

JetBlue was kind enough to refund me for the second leg leaving JFK so I was able to rebook flights into Missouri on Friday, out to L.A. on Saturday. Since no airlines fly direct anymore, I knew I would be hopscotching the country. But when you do that, some parts of the puzzle will be puddle jumpers – smaller plans such as American Eagle to American Airlines. I have no problem with those. They are quick flights with easy seating and I like their simplicity. The problem is that airports park these babies at opposite ends from their bigger siblings. But I am getting ahead of myself.

I arrived at JFK knowing I would need to change terminals so I claimed my bag and headed to the Air Train. Using escalators, moving walkways, and traditional shoe leather, I went up and down so many times I lost count. That was my first hint that I would be seriously feeding my Fitbit that day. I made it to American Airlines, checked my bag, and hoofed it way down to the American Eagle gates. At least when you start at ticketing, it isn’t a mile away.
Next stop – Charlotte Douglas Airport NC. I had plenty of time to get to my connection but my energy flagged as I made my way from the A gates all the way to the other end of the airport to E34. I had no problems, though, and made it to St. Louis. So one long travel day under my belt.



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