May 11th

It happened again. That same date, the one which has haunted me and conversely fed my soul, has popped up again. A co-worker and friend has signed his retirement papers and named May 11th as his last day.
The date echoes through my life’s stream. My wedding day (and coincidentally Mother’s Day that year), the birth of two nephews and one niece in the same big family, and other less significant milestones. Now it’s back, another big event because I will sorely miss his company and counsel.

So I thought it was time to google. What else would I do? The first numerology site came back with information on why numbers repeat throughout life. And what was the first one on the list? Yes, my number 11. Apparently I need to read between the lines.

The Master number 11 represents intuition and awareness, as well as wisdom I possess that is not being properly tapped into. That’s a good beginning. Then it gets worrisome.

I must have an inner knowledge that I am not paying attention to and my gut is screaming at me to take a different path.

Maybe it’s because I dropped off my crusade toward a plant-based diet last week. I’ve been maxing out on comfort food with this bad cold and really hit bottom when I had that Zuppa Toscana Soup. But it was so good! I had no regrets. It could have been that recent glass of wine I had after swearing off for a while. It’s not a problem but I feel better without it. Again, so good – no regrets.

I have been fixated on paying off bills. I would love to drop that obsession but I am thinking that can’t be right. Paying off my bills ensures a better future for myself. I’ll put a pin in that one.

In The Atlantic February 23, 2016 article Coincidences and the Meaning of Life, the author notes, and I paraphrase, that Bernard Beitman, a psychiatrist and visiting professor at the University of Virginia, and author of the book Connecting With Coincidence, has found that certain personality traits are linked to experiencing more coincidences…..and people who are high in meaning-seeking are all coincidence-prone.

I have never felt closer to a spiritual journey than I have lately. I am boning up on meditating, getting my crystals in a row, looking at the larger picture of my life. But May 11th has been there for me for the last thirty years. If there is a message to be heard, it’s a hard one to shrug off.

Right now, I chose to think the universe has had it with my scorched earth approach to the feed a cold/starve a fever principle, especially since my gut is actually screaming at me.

As an homage to Spring, I think it’s time to push reset and begin again, and doing it each time May 11th comes back into my life stream is an apt ritual to embrace.




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2 responses to “May 11th

  1. Terry

    Oh, MAB… Who is leaving now?

  2. Anna Marie Torelli

    Great observations, well written, M.A.

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