Death of Debate

Isolation isn’t just about COVID. Isolation can be about being separated from people by more than a glass window.

I am a reader. I take more of a scholarly approach. I read everything. I read all media stories showing different interpretations on the same argument. I seek out differing opinions on a subject to see what everyone thinks. I try to look at all sides. And then I want to talk about it. That is until this last election.

I have found this way won’t work this time. Either I am for or against. Either I vote for love or I vote for hate. There is no discussion. My different perspectives are suspect, I am part of the problem because I see both sides. I always considered myself straddling the line between left and right. Now I am expected to pick a side or I am just the enemy and part of the problem.

My friends. My family. My co-workers. I respect their views but can’t relay my own. I have to stay silent because raising a differing read on an incident or person or subject is not allowed.

There is no longer discussion or debate. Either you are on one side or the other. And I don’t know how to function. My process is no longer welcome or tolerated. And it is incredibly isolating. I feel alone and the effect is polarizing. I found myself gravitating to media that gives me comfort and it’s something I have to fight in order to keep deep thought alive.

But it’s hard, it’s sad, it’s painful. And it is isolating.

Something to keep in mind.


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3 responses to “Death of Debate

  1. I have had to block family members on social media because the harassment I felt was unbearable. It’s like dedicated soccer fans from other countries who actually fight and kill each other over a stupid sport. The efforts being made through government and the media to separate us all by means of creating tabels for us is making great stride. Like you, I try to see both sides of what makes people believe in what they believe but too often I get blank stares or aggressive behavior. Too many words and actions are flying around our country like Communism, Socialism, Rioting, tearing down statues, burning buildings. There is a hidden agenda in which no one will discuss. I fear that there is a civil war coming soon as I see zero efforts to communicating our differences. I have no trust in any of our leaders as have always believed them to portray honestly and act as a reflection of American values.

    • momalotlife

      Absolutely. I think older people can see it because we have history and life behind us. Never thought I would hear so many friends say they are glad they are our age. Usually it is they wish they were younger.

  2. Terry

    Another interesting blog post, MAB. This has been a very divided time. Talking to my family and friends, you can feel the elephant in the room. I’m exhausted from it all.

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