To Desk or Not to Desk

I remarked to an acquaintance that as soon as I arrive at my new retiree landing pad, I want to troll the second hand and antique shops of New England for a great desk. She said “can’t you write anywhere?” Well, yes, I do actually, mostly on my iPad. When I accidentally discovered the split keyboard option, my happiness overflowed.

But her question made me stop and think. Has technology’s leaps and bounds also made my vision of hammering away at an old desk go the way of the dinosaur? I do need a place to hold my paper clips, laptop, little photo frames, and other sundry, especially now that I am no longer reporting to a job. But ever since I moved to laptops and iPads, I haven’t actually required a desk. However, there is a difference between requiring a desk and really needing one, at least in my mind.

The IKEA lifestyle has left me weary. As I move back to the east coast, I hope to leave slap together furniture behind. Don’t get me wrong – the affordable, flat box marvels definitely helped me keep up with E’s ever changing dreams and passions. And NO ONE can beat the Swedes when it comes to intricate builds with really cool screw locks. But I am looking for more substance and something with a style other than the smooth, minimal Scandinavian lines that come complete with directions and hardware.

There is just something about a nice desk that gives one an anchor, a center from which to view the world, both through the internet and a vivid imagination. And of course, I expect the search to be the best part.




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4 responses to “To Desk or Not to Desk

  1. Terry V.

    MAB – get a desk. Get a desk that makes you smile. No IKEA one for sure. My desk holds my pens (I have hundreds) and other desk things. It’s a flat top spot for paying bills, writing notes and letters (yeah, I still do that) and for a spot where only MY stuff accumulates. Sometimes clearing the accumulation from my desk is a fun time. I discover forgotten items. Clearing the crap gives me a walk down Memory Lane. Do it. Your desk will be a home for your laptop when it’s not on your lap.

  2. Oh yeah, I do almost everything on my desk. My work (WFH arrangement) takes place there, I eat there, I have my leisure time there, and I also write and journal there. So yeah, perhaps ‘desking it’ is the way to go!

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